Leveraging Data Visualizations: How to Tell a Compelling Story with Data

1 hrs

Ready to unlock the true power of your data? Join us for our upcoming webinar, Leveraging Data Visualizations: How to Tell a Compelling Story with Data. Led by expert John Younie, this webinar will show you how to move beyond spreadsheets and transform raw data into impactful visuals and narratives that drive understanding and action.

Imagine being able to easily import complex data, build dynamic and interactive visualizations, and master the art of data storytelling.  By attending this webinar, you'll gain the skills to become a data-driven leader –  making informed decisions, communicating insights effectively, and influencing stakeholders with compelling visual presentations. Watch the webinar now!


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Leveraging Data Visualizations FAQs

  • Business professionals across various roles who want to improve their data literacy and enhance their ability to derive insights from data.
  • Individuals interested in learning how better data visualization and storytelling can help drive better decision-making and results.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to import data into tools like Power BI and Tableau.
  • Capabilities of tools like Power BI and Tableau when it comes to building interactive visuals.
  • Craft stories using dynamic visualizations.
  • Best practices around data literacy, visualization principles, and data-driven communication.

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John Younie

John is a military veteran with over 22 years of service. Prior to becoming a dedicated IT geek, John was an aircraft engineer in the Royal Air Force and worked on several aircraft types, including the Phantom F4J, Tornado GR1 and GR4 fast jets and the Chinook helicopter. It was the transition from aircraft engineer to data engineer and the work on aircraft data and databases that enabled John to focus on everything IT, including programming (FORTRAN, C++, VB), database design and data wrangling.

John is a great believer in education and training, especially in classroom-based instructor-led training, and has been working with Learning Tree for almost 20 years as a senior instructor. John has multiple Learning Tree and Microsoft Certifications, most of which are focused on Data and Business Intelligence.

John is currently contracted to NATO in Belgium as a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant and Data Engineer.

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