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US Department of Defense

Learning Tree has significant capabilities and past experience serving all of the Services and the OSD in a broad array of technology, project management, and leadership and professional development training. We can provide customized workforce development services and solutions in critical competencies and technologies such as Cloud Computing, Data Science and Cyber Security, as well as guidance for those investing in process disciplines, to include project and program management, business analysis, and the ITIL® framework.

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DoD Case Studies

Explore the business cases to see how we partner with various DoD organizations to advance performance of their IT workforce and track measurable results.


U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC): Project Management Program

Learning Tree International has supported U.S. Army Materiel Command’s (AMC) Project Management Upskilling and Certification Program since 2015. Extensive collaboration between AMC and Learning Tree helped to create a tailored program that integrates recognized project and program management best practices and standards with DOD and AMC policy and procedures creating an integrated solution that develops professional program and project managers with extensive skills and capabilities. This program delivers significant improvements to recapitalization of critical assets for U.S. Army operations, directly contributing to National Security and achievement of US Army strategic objectives, operational missions and goals. As of September 2019, Learning Tree has delivered over 80 classes to over 1,900 attendees participating in the program.

United States Air Force Case Study: Agile Transformation Program, 605th TES, Hurlburt Field

Organizationally, the USAF is investing in Agile or Adaptive training practices to produce software products that are more accurate at the end of a development cycle and therefore can be released faster. Overall there is a significant need to increase “Agile Cohesion” in USAF Adaptive practices. It is often said that the military has the most advanced agile practices (ex: OODA loop training for Air Force Pilots) but also the most restrictive bureaucratic practices (DOD Regulatory practices) that significantly inhibit increasing organizational agility. Balancing these two conditions is the key factor to developing Agile Practices that are acceptable to modern military organizations. The USAF is committed to mastering this balancing act and Learning Tree International is a committed partner in this important goal. In support of the 605th TES, Learning Tree worked with the leadership to develop a custom learning path for that consisted of the following:

  • Agile Fundamental Training (Phase 1)
  • Agile Project Management Training (Phase 2)
  • Program and Portfolio Management Training (Phase 2)
  • Agile Business Analysis (Phase 2)

Currently, 75 of 160 personal (Military Leadership and personnel, DOD employees and contractors) have completed Phase 1 and about half have completed the Phase 2 of this program. The rest of the group should complete the Agile training program by end of FY20.



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